Friday, June 1, 2018

Can You Incorporate The Summer Sun and Fun Into Decorating?

Summer is here and thoughts of warmth, cool breezes and blue skies fill our heads. It is a time for thinking about bringing the colors of summer into your home. Fresh summer flowers such as Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Lilies can be put into vases, water pitchers or ceramic planting pots and placed on tabletops, shelves and countertops. Fresh vine tomatoes can be arranged in a fabulous china bowl.
Think about letting more light into your home. If you have dark fabrics over your living room or den windows, replace them with sky blue, celery green, sandy beige or white sheer curtains. They will give that summer feeling and afford protection from the heat. These colors can also be used as throws over the sofa and chairs in the living room. A Slipcover on your favorite bedroom chair and a cheery colored bed skirt can be used to add to that summer touch, but always make certain that the colors are coordinated with the d├ęcor of the room.
If you have dark and heavy looking area rugs, roll them up and put them away. Lightweight bamboo or floral mats can be used in their place. Summertime gives you a feeling of relaxation, of openness and of the outdoors. Create that space by temporarily removing some of those beautiful accessories that adorn the room during the other three season of the year. Think about the feelings you will have when autumn comes and you bring the accessories back into the room.
This is a season for gazing outside. You may want to reposition end tables and chairs so that you can look outside at the sky, the lawn or your patio. Beach shells, driftwood and a birdhouse will help create the mood. A variety of fresh planted herbs placed by the window will fill the room with a scent that will further connect you to the season.
So, kick off your shoes, put on your sandals, fill a crystal pitcher with lemonade and sit down by the window on your newly slipcovered chair and enjoy the days of summer. Wendy Lepkoff – Wendy Interiors

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