Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Beautiful Designs

Beautiful Designs Start at Wendy Interiors
Wendy Interiors is a full-service design studio offering simple solutions to entire overhauls, which can change the look and feel of your home. We spoke to Wendy Lepkoff as we aim to find out more about this prestigious award winning Long Island, New York design firm.
Headquartered in Bethpage, New York, Wendy Interiors offers a variety of excellent services including room layout, lighting, home theatre, custom cabinetry, upholstery and drapery, paint selection, fabric and flooring selection, window treatments, plumbing supplies, granite and tile, accessories, and everything in between. If you can dream it for your home, then the team at Wendy Interiors are confident that they can deliver.
Wendy starts off by outlining her client-focused approach and the techniques she employs in order to ensure that the desired outcome is reached for the client. She talks about gaining an understanding of the client’s desires and explains how a collaborative approach is an integral part of her success, regardless of the project.
“The initial consultation gives me a chance to get to know my client and adopt an individual approach to their project. Sometimes my clients already know what they want and just need me to piece it all together, but on other occasions they are not sure at all. Each client and their projects are unique, so my approach is tailored to their needs.”
Having achieved a wealth of success in the design sector, Wendy tells us what qualities she believes make for excellent design and designers, emphasizing the importance of being versatile and adaptable.“Crucial to achieving and maintaining success in this industry is to possess an ability to keep up with the trends and times. When I started
in this business, I never would have thought that technology would play such a large part in what I do. Now, smart home design is making it easier to help my clients see their layouts as well as help me plan seating, lighting and furniture placement.”
Utilizing her previous experience, Wendy believes that the knowledge that she has acquired in her past results, have seen her gain a distinct advantage over her competitors. Thanks to her reputation, Wendy has been able to gain the trust of her clients and
build new and long-term relationships with clients and vendors which she believes has contributed to her achievements.
“My years of experience in this industry have provided me with a rolodex of great resources and crews, and I have been working with most of these people for at least a decade, some even more. These unique relationships allow me access to people and pricing that other designers do not have. I can have anything custom made for my clients which gives me the ability to truly reflect my client’s taste and present my vision for the most amazing makeover.”
Discussing her experience, Wendy comments on what she believes to be her most successful project to date, telling us why it was successful and what lessons she learned from these developments.
“My most successful project was one I called ‘Hampton Chic’. It emphasized how important colour is to an open floor plan - from the walls, to the floors, to the furniture and accessories. I am truly proud of the finished product.”
Alluding to the importance of being ahead of the game and keeping up with the relevant trends, Wendy believes her ability to educate herself is the key inspiration behind her creativity and innovative nature.
“In the interior design industry, there is no better way to stay innovative than to stay educated. I am always attending seminars and webinars, going to home shows, designer showcases, and most importantly, networking with other business owners.”
Relating to her impressive results and luxurious designs, Wendy has been selected in LUX’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards as the Most Outstanding Full-Service Design Studio within New York. She describes how it feels to have been chosen and what it means for her and Wendy Interiors moving forwards.“It is a true honour to have been selected. LUX is a premiere publication with a very targeted audience, and it is a privilege to be recognized alongside some of the world’s most esteemed individuals. This award, like any other accolade, makes me extremely proud of the work I have done and inspires me to keep creating and designing.”
Aiming to capitalize on her success, Wendy is excited about the times ahead, as she outlines her overall aims to us, and comments on which strategies she wants to employ to achieve this. “First and foremost, I aim to make my clients happy. Regular communication with my clients is key to ensure we do not miss anything in the design process. I want them to walk into their newly designed room, or home and love it. Secondly, their satisfaction allows me to grow my business and this is beneficial as word of mouth and recommendations are the best advertising I can get.”
Combining her enthusiasm and dedication
to excellence, Wendy can look forward to establishing Wendy Interiors as a true leader in the Interior Design industry. In addition to this, she will also continue to value education, as this will see her achieve both her overall goals and targets.
“Looking ahead, the future of our industry,
like many others, is technology. Twenty years ago, we didn’t have the tools we do today to make things easier and more streamlined for ourselves and our clients. Thanks to computers and phones, we don’t even have to go to a showroom if time is of the essence. We can communicate with the subcontractors instantly and answer all of their questions. All of this helps speed up decisions which gets the jobs done faster, but also more precisely.
Ultimately, in her concluding comments, Wendy tells us further about her aspirations for the company, mentioning what projects she has lined up for Wendy Interiors and how they will benefit the business in the long-term.“In the future, I would love to have my own product line focusing on custom rugs, picture frames, curtains and pillows. My inspiration comes from the struggle to find that ‘just right’ frame, or pillow, or rug or curtain. Lastly, I want to be that unique source, not only for my clients, but for other interior designers as well.”

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